Food Hygiene Certificate

What food hygiene certificate do I need?

There are three levels of food hygiene certificate we offer, levels 1, 2 and 3. The difference between each is straightforward and who needs which is also very clear. So, What food hygiene certificate do I need?

Level 1

Level 1 Food Hygiene certificate is the most basic course you can study. The level 1 food hygiene certificate introduces the basics of food safety and hygiene. It is the perfect course for a beginner in the food-related workplace. Once completed a student will understand how to ensure kitchen hygiene by keeping their work area clean. They will also understand how food becomes contaminated and how to prevent contamination.

This course is not for food handlers and is merely a basic introduction. The course is good for cooking at home and will suffice for work experience.

Level 2

level 2 food hygiene certificate is the legal minimum requirement for anyone who handles or works with food and is generally broken down into three sectors, although more specific options are made available. The level 2 certification meets current EU health and safety regulations and provides evidence that you and/or your staff are trained at the appropriate levels in food hygiene and food safety.

In a nutshell, a level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate is aimed at three broad food industry sectors:


If you are working or wish to work in catering or hospitality such as hotels, restaurants, fast food and takeaway outlets, a hospital or place of education a level 2 Food Hygiene certificate focused on catering is for you.


Working in supermarkets or any retail outlet that sells or handles food requires you to possess a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate, and I should ideally be focused on food in the retail environment. This certification is necessary to work in a grocery store, butchery, bakery, fishmonger or delicatessen. Even farm stalls and market stalls need this certificate.d on 


The third broad sector a level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate can focus on is food manufacturing. Those who wish to or currently work on food processing, assembly, packing or food storage are legally required to have this certification.

Level 3

The level 3 Food Hygiene Certificate is required for anyone supervising staff in the food industry. Any organisation that has a number of staff under supervision who handle food needs at least one person (ideally the team leader or supervisor) to be in possession of a level 3 Food Hygiene Certificate.  A level 3 food hygiene certificate ensures compliance with EU regulations for Hygiene of Foodstuffs

The best way to obtain a food hygiene certificate is to study online. An online food hygiene course is convenient, affordable and trusted and levels 1, 2 and 3 can all be completed at your own pace and in your own time.

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