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How to become a healthcare assistant support worker with no care experience

How to become a healthcare assistant support worker with no care experience

No experience in healthcare and want to become a healthcare assistant? Here is how to do it

Caring is not a so much a career but a calling, and it can call anyone at any stage of life from young to old. Any job in healthcare is often very hands on and means you can make a difference to a fellow human being just by being you.

Healthcare assistants can be found in all areas of healthcare from general nursing to more specialist areas. Child care, working with special needs and even working with vulnerable adults are all areas where healthcare assistants are some of the most vital people in society. The tasks performed vary from post to post, and of course, person to person and some roles require more training and experience than others.

What does a healthcare assistant do?

Before explaining how to become a healthcare assistant with no care experience it makes sense to understand the role. A healthcare assistant is responsible for the frontline and general care of patients. The role is one of the most important in the entire healthcare sector requiring people with very special abilities more than anything else. The role is often a calling rather than something one aspires to.

There are various levels of being a healthcare assistant that are qualified or experienced to perform a variety of duties. Basic band 2 and band 3 healthcare assistants will be called upon to assist patients with bathing, going to the toilet, dressing, making beds and assisting patients to move around the ward or care facility. Some healthcare assistants are trained to take blood or other duties.

Record keeping and basic administration such as ensuring a patient file is up to date also form part of the role.

How to become a healthcare assistant with no experience

Almost anyone can become a healthcare assistant as no specific qualifications are necessary. Very often the way that many get into a formal healthcare assistant role is through volunteering to care for others in their community or caring for a family member. The key to getting a job as a healthcare assistant without formal experience is to prove that you are able to care for someone and have a passion for doing this as a career. A healthcare assistant role, as with many jobs in the healthcare sector is more of a calling to help others than anything else and want to do this every day. Passion and a true ability to care are the fundamental factors that will help you get a healthcare assistant job with no experience.

There is nothing to stop you from applying for a healthcare assistant job without formal training. Mandatory and induction training will be provided upon securing a role. You may well be offered a job with a probation period, to begin with, this may even be voluntary for a short period of time where you will be closely monitored for aptitude above all else.

Securing long-term employment

Once you have secured a healthcare assistant job the objective for many is to attain a longer contract or permanent position, although a good number of people seek bank work. To secure a longer-term contract or permanent contract working extra hours to gain experience and show enthusiasm as well as being prepared to study and attend training are key. Your passion for caring will be what gets you in the door as a healthcare assistant, and your determination to be a better carer will see you climb the career ladder.

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